So maybe you’ve been thinking for a while that it might be time to move on. Maybe up size? Maybe downsize… Maybe you’re going through a big transition: marriage, divorce, new baby suddenly on the way or you hear the Mother -in-law is moving in 😱. But is this the time to do it??? Should I sat or should I go?  The information out there Clashes (ha, get it?) Home prices are holding steady despite COVID-19. The buyers are out there and interest rates are low and also holding steady. If you’re a buyer, this is a good time to buy, locking in at a low rate is something you’ll never regret. If you need to sell, because of all those hungry buyers out there it’s a great time to sell! But what about COVID…all those people walking through my house😩??? Don’t worry about that. We have it all worked out for you 😊. So give us a call for a very friendly, no pressure chat.  (We are not all wolves in lambs clothing. Speaking for myself,  I’m currently a “Realtoring” mother of three in lounge wear) We are here to help! Call 612-850-1916 for Rick. Call 612-644-8969 for Jen or 952-470-9786 for Andrew. We will walk you through the process. Chat to you soon!